When first getting the feel of pedaling a trike, you’ll feel some excitement in your gut or maybe a tingle might ripple up your spine.

Your innate freewill grabs the moment to generate this feeling.

Getting the sudden rush from the resurfacing independent freedom arising from the pit of curiosity that’s been locked up down inside cuffed to off-purpose agenda for so long while pedaling from the cockpit of a tadpole trike can be overwhelming for many. The wanting child inside sees its chance to be recognized … male … female … young … old … healthy … physically challenged.

When on a group ride with Spokes Fighting Strokes, by the end of the ride both those who are physically challenged from surviving a stroke, dealing with a muscular or neurological disease or maybe a brain injury … and everyone else riding shares the same thread of heartwarming joy and happiness.

The demo rider’s cheek-wide teeth-bearing trike grin appears to meet the thrill of the occasion.

For many, as that grin forms, their child inside takes control of their human form. It will affect their human condition’s future decisions that will improve their human experience.

After years of being ego-bound and gagged shut that inner child once again feels the independence and freedom gained from pleasurable childhood play. Starting with that first trike grin, they’ll be motivated to ride more … not just to get in shape or to exercise but for the feeling of naked adventure. Getting in shape and dropping pounds comes as a side benefit.

Riding assumes a level of priority in their life. The child inside has a more objective say than the waking awareness about what’s best to eat to get the cleanest energy to best enjoy the ride … the energy found in fresh fruit and nuts … the energy deadening effects of white flour or drinking alcohol or any type of soda. Their diet will follow the lead of their child inside just to be able to squeeze more enjoyment out of the ride while enjoying the side benefits.

Freewill Used To Focus On Purpose
The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The child inside is getting to do something they would have loved as a child or teenager…Think about that when sailing down a hill at 25 mph … like riding on a magic carpet … just above the ground … panoramic view … no balance issues. Being face-onto-the-wind, a light bandana will keep the bugs off you face and out of your teeth.

A trike lets the adventurous pedal with a cadence uninterrupted by the shifting on the seat to find relief from a sore butt or from coasting to rest aching arms/wrists/back that comes inherent to riding a bicycle. It allows for going deeper relaxed into the same thread of thought … priceless.

Captain of your freewill!

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