A trip around Urban Indy’s bricked culture trail is something everyone should experience.

20200203_162155Mosey through all the designated “areas” of Indy. With all it’s trail tributaries, it stretches beyond the 8 miles advertised. They might mean only 8 miles are bricked? The hard part is deciding where to stop and eat or which place to stop for some coffee.

Making that journey on a recumbent trike is the only way to do it. An adventure seeker can make an easy-chair stop anytime they want. They enjoy a horizon-oriented panoramic view throughout.


Riding a recumbent trike is easier than using a walker. 20200203_151318Given that an individual can sit in a trike seat, they can enjoy the ride. Trikes can be geared so low that the weight of someone’s foot can almost make the cycle move.

My mom will be 88 years old on Valentine’s Day and we mosied along at 3-4 mph and had a really great time … on a few different levels. 20200203_161124Some of the “aha” positive aspects of the experience will continue to surface from day to day. Had I not forgotten to hit “resume” on Strava mapping after having soup on the circle, our trip would have been 8 miles.

One thing we took home was plans for riding up into Fountain Square and down along the canal. Branching up the Monon Railtrail into Broadripple was another idea.


Not to get sidelined by how much enjoyable fun the adventure is, trike-riding is a very healthy activity. 20200203_160548If your feet are clipped to the pedals, there is no better exercise activity for the legs. Non-weight bearing, quads-hamstrings-joints. A cardio workout is unavoidable. It will be timed by the desire to see the features along the ride … not a stopwatch. blah … blah … blah…



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