Emptiness is realized and displayed emotionally … where the human condition meets the human experience.

Man has the inborn freewill ability to choose the type of wisdom they use to navigate their human experience. Knowingly or unknowingly … for one reason or another … each individual uses their freewill to choose their favored brand of wisdom. They pledge their faith in this wisdom to lead them in their search for their pathway to eliminate their emotional suffering and achieve emotional balance/bliss.


How deep is an individual’s understanding of outcome-determining life principles when in blind faith they pledge to set their life path according to another entity’s untested unverified claims of wisdom? How “empty” is their experiential knowledge-derived understanding of those outcome-determining natural principles that justify what that entity must have used in deriving their wisdom catalog? The wisdom source promises that their twist of wisdom makes sense of the matrix of self-evident truths about how to best navigate life’s emotional blueprint to achieve emotional balance/bliss.

Does this believer know if that entity’s interpretation of those outcome-determining life principles are in line with the self-evident truths that support and define the present moment of ongoing change that we all have lived by since day one? These life principles are non-biased and affect the same cause/effect outcomes for each individual. These outcomes are what generate our feeling-spun emotions.

Are there two worlds of reality one can picture or imagine … one world of reality exists in a continuous time slot cognitively etched from the description of a mentally pictured world reality depicting the described ancient scriptures? The other world of reality transcends continuity … in an impermanent present-moment fashion.

Does their dual presence dissolve into unrelated standards … intellectually leveraged or intrinsically relayed?

Does the believer acquire any understanding from that borrowed shot of promised wisdom? Is their understanding set deep enough to actually allow them to decode how life principles relate to each other to generate the outcomes that affect their emotional state and lead to their emotional distress … or bliss?

Are they left “empty-of-understanding” the network of cause/effect relational links justifying the promised wisdom like Adam & Eve were when trying to find understanding in the promised Tree of Knowledge wisdom the Eden snake gifted them with?


As the Garden of Eden cooled on the 6th day of creation, Jehovah warned Adam that to retain Eden emotional bliss, he must internalize only the Tree of Life Wisdom and not to internalize any Tree of Knowledge promise to suddenly being privy to all-knowing wisdom.

For those who choose to internalize and have blind faith in the gifted wisdom of a strain of religious theology, exercising the primal freewill initiative in solving this nature-of-wisdom dilemma was showcased as the moral to the Garden of Eden story at the very Genesis of the Holy Scriptures. In writing this ancient scripture, Moses allegorized how the spiritual life-or-death importance of the Garden of Eden Tree of Life / Tree of Knowledge source of wisdom distinction is mankind’s most important life decision.

This either/or distinction affects the frame of mind that fashions an individual’s worldview to be full of emptiness or to have the understanding that decodes the life principles that sustain the network of self-evident truths that feed into the very Jehovah-endorsed Tree of Life Wisdom that ensures one’s emotional balance/bliss.

Choosing the Eden snake-gifted wisdom resulted in Adam & Eve’s “emptiness-of-understanding” their state of nakedness upon Jehovah’s rebuke.

They used fig leaves to mask their shame from committing the “original sin” after choosing to have blind faith in the God-forbidden Tree of Knowledge promised wisdom. 

Jehovah sentenced Adam & Eve to begin mankind’s ageless plight walking the Earth lost in the “emptiness-of-understanding” inherent to their “Fig Leaf Wisdom.”

Thus, began mankind’s ageless plight … lost in Fig Leaf Wisdom. Fig Leaf Wisdom shadows today’s worldwide life ethos.

It’s quite ironic that the different templates of theology’s written scripture are merely different flavors of the promised-wisdom-fruit hanging from the Tree of Knowledge of Everything from Good to Evil as described in the Genesis of the King James version of the Roman Bible. Even though the presented wisdom in many ways rings true, those reading it do not understand the logistics of how or why.

What’s the understanding that supports making the Ten Commandments, commandments? What life principles make them sins? What makes a sin a sin?

Around 325 A.D. when publishing the Roman Bible 1st edition, Rome’s self-serving edit of the chosen gospels was tailored primarily just to quell social unrest. It pointed citizen attention looking not inside for life-understanding answers, but outside up into the sky to a god in an unearthly domain in hope of making the Armageddon Day final cut to win or to be gifted with eternal emotional bliss … afterlife … and to follow the lead of Rome’s rulers while alive while looking … empty-of-understanding … for an outside source for direction to quell emotional unrest.

Rome’s reality ethos continues to bridle USA consciousness discovery today. It’s dominate reliance on a borrowed wisdom template sets the prevailing USA degree of emptiness-of-understanding of the life principles responsible for affecting the emotions that keep most citizens lost … locked into what today’s great spiritual visionary Eckhart Tolle refers to as “thought loops ruminating in compulsive thinking over painful memories of being betrayed or mistreated … being a victim.” “This compulsive thinking and worrying while holding onto the past can become their identity … their sense of self.” He has the insight that “there are millions of people in this world who are tortured by their own minds.”

Biblical wisdom requires a faith that is blind to or is empty-of-understanding the network of self-evident truths reflecting the life principles that determine the relational outcomes that the borrowed wisdom finds its alleged truth in. Rome’s scripture compilation promises afterlife emotional bliss by blindly following their bible’s scripted wisdom … like Adam & Eve’s blind faith in the Eden snake’s promised all-knowing wisdom.


Wisdom borrowed from religion’s gifted templates and/or from cult logic harbor this “emptiness” involving not understanding the network of cause/effect relationships detailing the natural principles of how and why the unverifiable wisdom justifies the truth of its promised outcome or purpose.

Buddhism sees the source of all human suffering as the ignorance in understanding the meaning of impermanence. This “fundamental” ignorance allows believing in time continuity. This sponsors an individual’s craving attachment to an imaginary world … the ignorance-inspired emptiness-in-understanding of the relational justice that holds together and animates the transforming present moment.

Like with Eden snake’s promised wisdom to Adam & Eve, borrowed wisdom from any source brings no intrinsically sensed understanding to any of its blind-faith believers.


Do you pattern your belief system that shapes your worldview after wisdom backed merely by another entity’s promise that the network of cause/effect relationships supporting their purported wisdom’s verification is true or self-evident? Maybe you have a trusting faith blind to understanding the relationships of a god’s unexplained cause/effect network of natural principles necessary to justify their list of commandments. Or maybe you choose to trust the logistics of a cult leader’s outburst of logic-twisting rants?

If so, your present moment interpretations of reality will often be plagued by that feeling of emptiness-of-understanding the details of the circle of truth supporting the borrowed wisdom’s logistics.

Do you live in a reactionary knee-jerk state of ignorance that’s empty-of-understanding how life’s natural relational principles apply to what ongoing change presents nonstop? Are you struck with fear, “blind faith numb” to experiential learning? Is your life empty-of-understanding what influences emotional balance. Do you walk on eggshells through a tension-filled present-moment emotional minefield?

Your emptiness becomes filled with uncontrolled misunderstood emotions. Your waking awareness is out of step with the rhythm of the life principles that determine the relational outcomes in the ongoing flow of present-moment change. Still, your internal drive remains directed at finding a pathway to emotional balance … emotional bliss.

Emptiness-inspired ignorance leaves an individual lost in insipient (foolish, lacking wisdom) suffering in their effort to understand the life principles that influence the life outcomes that affect their emotional balance.



Whether an individual uses some form of a theology wisdom template or wisdom derived through self-evident realism to pattern their worldview, their underlying drive is fueled by their innate moth-to-a-flame homing instinct to finding a state of emotional balance. Freedom from suffering the misery that follows in the wake of the empty-of-understanding ignorance of the truth matrix that knits together the web of life principles that determines the outcome of how things relate to each other, that tinders the often conditioned misperceptions that generate the feeling-coded emotions that make up their awareness level of present moment life satisfaction, is what the human condition seeks from the human experience, Religion promises it and realism shows them what it means.

The bright white light that both religious theology and realism envision is the enlightened state of emotional balance/bliss.

Outcome-affected feeling-generated emotions are the only media humans can relate any intrinsic meaning to. From those afraid of “fire & brimstone eternal suffering” to those groping for emotional paradise, this range of emotional awareness is what religious theology baits it hook with while fishing for believers of what its wisdom promises. Emotions are the only media humans have the experiential history in to reflect on or relate to … no matter on what playing field they choose to seek its understanding.

Religion paints a picture of emotional bliss … afterlife.

Realism details how to paint that very same picture … now.


The awareness that is arising now can lead to a very positive change—when an increasing number of people transcend their suffering by discovering the power that lies within. This is the promise and possibility of the present age.”
—Eckhart Tolle, Conscious Evolution 

This evolution of this truth that modern day’s spiritualist teacher Eckhart Tolle recognizes above is apparent everywhere you look today. Since the age of superstition was replaced with the age of reason around the last mid-millennium, the uncertainties that faced mankind have been experientially confronted to reveal the self-evident truths that bring to mankind’s collective conscious awareness the understanding that has bit-of-knowledge by bit-of-knowledge filled the demon-shadowed emptiness-of-understanding that’s plagued its emotional wellbeing. We consciously march towards the world of John Lennon’s Imagine.

The following link offers a perspective of understanding that frames and explains this wonderful process.

In the free sample of the Fig Leaf Wisdom read that Amazon offers, the table of contents gives a good shorthand synopsis of the book’s purpose to bring better understanding to suffering in storyline form. If there’s further interest, Amazon’s Kindle eBook has the best eBook format. Due to publisher errors, currently Hoosier Heaven has no table of contents. Fig Leaf Wisdom table of contents page numbers are 30 pages behind the actual printed text page numbers.

I’m in the early stage of preparing a related Ted-X talk as this is a complete and solid platform for evaluating how today’s Fig Leaf Wisdom social zeitgeist drives and confuses today’s social ethos. 



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