Eight years in it feels like you’re gonna die. But you get used to anything. Sooner or later it just becomes your life.

Bruce Springsteen insight from “Straight Time”

People learn to accept their status-quo as being their normal. There are so many individuals who don’t understand that some of their actions don’t really serve to fortify their intrinsic happiness.

“We all regard physical pain and mental pain as something unwanted. It is much more difficult to recognize contaminated pleasure as a form of insipient suffering. Our search for pleasure preoccupies us and takes up most of our energy, yet it is doomed to failure from the start because none of these pleasures can give us the real and lasting happiness we crave.”

Rinchen. Atisha’s Lamp For the Path to Enlightenment. (Boston, MA:           Shambhala Publications, 1997), p. 43

Most live ignorant to what this reality’s natural law principles are that determine the cause/effect outcome of everything in this reality’s impermanent backdrop. People can be upside down on understanding the difference between contaminated pleasure and what’s good for them … what seems right and what truly is.

Real life just doesn’t happen in the biblical sense.

Real life taps on everyone’s shoulder. Religious believers cling to their unique interpretation of a religious notion that there’s a god that might also be tapping.

Religious blind-faith believers entertain two worlds. Like with every human being, there’s one unavoidable reality that feeds them an ongoing barrage of ever-changing real-life situations they emotionally struggle to understand to survive. The other reality is one that finds life only in their imagination.

They’ve made a cognitive sketch of its description that they’ll update every Sunday morning when donning their Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes and attitude.

These realities remain disjointed in everyday life circumstances.

The confusion from making decisions in the vacuum of uncertainty existing between the thoughts defining these disjointed types of understanding leave an individual unexpectantly open to incipient suffering from their involvement in different forms of contaminated pleasure.

Religious believers might try to follow their sandal/toga-clad biblical guidelines when they come to mind. Still, they often fail to see its crossover application to the sensual reality they live in.

Use Freewill to Choose Food

This separation is made all too clear by watching devout theologians who hold the highest homage to their god, yet pay no regard to what they put into their physical bodies. They can’t fight the temptation to indulge in white flour, sugar, sodas and processed anything nowadays, as the list keeps growing.

These temptations lack reference to their god’s wisdom as post ancient time developments were not discussed in the ancient scriptures of their chosen strain of biblical wisdom.

After acquiring type II diabetes, they might check back into the blindfolded ignorance of their imaginary world to become lost suffering in rumination wondering if with their new disease, maybe their god’s punishing them for something.

Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

—Luke 17:23, King James Version

Whether or not emotional bliss waits for them up in an afterlife paradise or is attainable now from the inside where it’s alive is another question.

Yet, it seems they’d want to take the best of care of their physical bodies to allow them to do a better job of working for their lord. Their cognitively suspended imagination-fed world doesn’t connect with their present moment sensually-fed impermanent reality.

When feelings from the naivety of a poorly conditioned understanding of what supports intrinsic happiness rub up against the unapproving pre-lingual message felt from an individual’s sensually metered living experience, some suffer knowingly and some yet remain consciously unaware of their emotional imbalance.

With the intense theological gas-lighting USA citizens are exposed to, it’s understandable there’s such a conscious disconnect in between the dos and don’ts described as holy wisdom and what the intrinsic history of an individual’s life lived signals from within.

Everyone has an inborn freewill.

Siddhartha used his freewill to self-discover where to seek the right knowledge and how to use it to inspire deriving a wisdom-enriched conscious awareness of the patterns of impermanence that determine the outcomes of what his conditioned ignorance failed to understand.

Any human can do this.

After decades of teaching nothing but this path to enlightenment, his last words were to work up the due diligence to do the same.

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