Free Will … Freewill … is pretty big stuff. Freewill Logistics infuses the dictionary two-word free will into the unified single word magnitude its primal relevance deserves that it English language heritage denies.

Freewill to Choose Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge

Christianity’s God’s first Garden of Eden conversation with man dealt with how he was to use his freewill when deciding which type of wisdom to pursue. Jehovah warned Adam unconditionally that he could continue living in this heavenly Garden of Eden bliss if he internalized wisdom from the Tree of Life only and that he could not once partake of wisdom from the Tree of Knowledge that promised wisdom about everything from good to evil.

Adam and Eve Using Freewill

Adam and Eve chose to internalize the strain of wisdom from the Tree of Knowledge. This borrowed wisdom’s network of logistics left their conscious awareness empty of any intrinsic understanding of the process of how the cause of a situation brings about its effect. IE: All the sudden as they stood naked, their newly borrowed wisdom leaves them empty of understanding it. They reached for fig leaves to hide from their creator the shame they felt in their emptiness of understanding that arose in the wake of their disobedience that resulted in the emotional imbalance Jehovah had warned Adam of.

Jehovah knew that to live a “fulfilled” balanced life it’s necessary to pursue the Tree of Life strain of wisdom that provides an intrinsically fortified conscious understanding of the network of truths supporting the impermanent dimensional makeup of the reality the derived wisdom relates to … the reality he created when making this earth. An individual’s conscious awareness enlightened to the ways of this reality as described by the Tree of Life wisdom network assimilated and derived from self-knowledge inspires no emotional unrest from the shame in having no understanding.


Both Christian theology and science recognize that it’s how each individual uses their freewill that will end up determining their state of emotional bliss or emotional fire and brimstone … heaven or hell. Non-theologists and religious believers have different perspectives but are both after the same state of emotional well-being. Both perspectives strike the common chord of being free of suffering … different perspectives on reaching the same sensual state of being.

It's a Freewill Choice.

Whether individuals to act or react to the ongoing change of this reality while sub-consciously perceiving that the essence of this reality’s presence is sparked by impermanence or that its impermanence allows for the continuity needed to entertain an imagined reality, will determine how they negotiate their emotional transition from one lily pad of time to the next. This elected focus determines how they approach life and how they register and deal with the boogieman of their unknown.


This Freewill Logistics blog site presents an ageless bare-bones perspective platform to help curious individuals triangulate life-meaning when pondering how well their human condition fares in its human experience. It offers a self-help spiritual compass to help find direction using freewill logistics to negotiate a purposeful life experience.

It will help truth seekers figure out the right questions to ask to begin understanding their innate longing desire that every human lives to satisfy … why some pillage through life trying to scratch this itch of present moment dissatisfied discontent by trying out, only to tire of one new toy or belief after another while unknowingly in search for the answer to that prodding question that still has yet to surface.

Focused on the common goal of theology and non-theology … emotional bliss with no suffering …  Freewill Logistics offers a truth seeker a self-help spiritual compass to unlock the self-evident truths of this ever-changing reality to eliminate the suffering-inspiring ignorance of this impermanent reality’s unchangeable principles that give pattern to all cause/effect outcomes.

Freewill Logistics Groundwork.

Freewill Logistics published the book Hoosier Heaven that set up the detailed logistical groundwork for the theme for the follow-up in-process book Fig Leaf Wisdom that investigates how mankind today uses the same fig leave masks to hide its shame of emptiness of understanding that Adam and Eve used to hide theirs from their god. It sets the foundation for the theme of this blog website Freewill Logistics.  Hoosier Heaven moors a trail of word-crumbs leading back from this blog website.

Hopefully, the following poem will tender the reader interest to wake the inner child in those who over time have lost touch with the desire and fiber to man-up the freewill  to use their inborn 1st amendment human right to stand up and ask “why?” or the courage to step forward to shout “prove it!” when something or things in their human experience don’t seem to add up.

Instead of showcasing some sort of longhand web site summary or synopsis, the essence of Freewill Logistics theme has been put to poetry. The theme stretches mankind’s use of its inborn freewill clear back to the Genesis of its theological source.


That time does not stand still,
We all will learn to say,
Understanding its true meaning,
Keeps most of us at bay.

Time’s the magic carpet,
That flies us through our day.
Understanding its true nature,
Is the game we all must play.

Father Time cannot stand still,
Without that rhythm and rhyme,
A cause would have no effect,
There’d be no passage of time.

Erratic bits of energy,
Give shape to all we know,
They never stand continuous,
Or things could never grow.

These patterns of creation,
Ground the principles of life-truth,
That determines the very outcome,
Of everything we do.

So when one builds a world inside,
Stagnant to laws of change,
They defy the laws of nature,
With a reality rearranged.

When blind to the self-evident,
In what we touch and see,
We ride a gauntlet ambush,
Through emotional misery.

What we’re told should make us happy,
Deep inside sometimes we feel,
Empty to understanding,
The source of life’s appeal.

Over time they’ll give up asking,
‘Bout things on their life page,
That long-gagged curious child inside’s,
Just dying to engage.

They’ll live their life alone and scared,
Of the boogieman inside,
Who’s grown free in unchallenged uncertainty,
Since they were first alive.

Maybe he hides under the bed they make,
As their life-clock slowly unwinds,
Or’s ready to leap from their closet of secrets,
They stand too ashamed to confide.

Without the energy to air and plan,
For what lurks in their unknown,
Leaves them slave-curator and prisoner,
To their past and what they’ve come to know.

The ladder of compassion,
We all must find to climb,
While self-training our self-awareness,
Via self-knowledge manifesting inside.

Tree of Life wisdom follows,
As life-meaning is derived,
With a steadfast faith in understanding,
Life’s naked-change carpet ride.

For ‘til this time we’ll suffer,
From what’s misunderstood,
We might look to theology,
To do our soul some good.

A carrot of non-suffering,
Is wagged just out of reach,
In a stilled-time promised heaven,
Theology crafts to teach.

Enlightened about what’s now,
We’ll suffer in life no more,
The boogieman in life relationships,
Won’t again knock at our door.

In knowing Father Time’s ways,
Our suffering will fade,
In Mother Nature’s honor,
Our beds will be made.

The true heaven that blind faith believers,
God-tazed too ignorant to see,
Shines its light bright in their faces,
While they’re living … no middle man … and it’s free.

Like when Adam and Eve faced their god in Eden,
As his voice was laced with despair,
They reached for a handful of fig leaves,
To hide their shame from his stare.

Any of our shamed emptiness,
That lurks treed-up inside,
Grew from fig leaf wisdom,
Borrowed and elsewhere-derived.

Jehovah told Adam first thing,
While this world from creation still cooled,
Tree of Life wisdom only,
Or you’ve been fatally fooled.

DM 6-6-17 @ Abe Martin Lodge

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