As the Earth cooled from its Garden of Eden creation, in his virgin God-to-man chat, Christianity’s god Jehovah gave mankind a spiritual life or death ultimatum.

Garden of Eden Trees

Every human being must make the most primal of distinctions that will determine the nature of their mind and the degree of emotional suffering they experience during their lifetime.

This distinction’s reflected in choosing to either assimilate the Tree of Life strain of wisdom to retain Garden of Eden emotional bliss or experience spiritual death from only once internalizing the Tree of Knowledge strain of wisdom … God so forewarned.


Or you could say … the idea is to understand whatever it is that shadows your emotional bliss.

A conscious awareness of reality, as it is, is needed for to you understand the patterns of reality that are directly responsible for emotional balance … emotional suffering versus emotional bliss.

Virtual Reality Cotinuity

How has your worldview been conditioned to perceive the nature of this reality’s state of presence … as being one of ongoing transformation or one that allows the imagined continuity of objects and ideas … an augmented virtual reality?

Developing a consciously familiar understanding of this reality’s impermanent ways wards off the ignorance-inspired emotional suffering caused by not understanding it.

It’s really that simple. Read on.


Anyone interested in running their life in sync with the principles that define this reality that when misunderstood make them suffer, needs to develop the particular strain of wisdom that supports its unalterable network of logistical code.

Understanding Mathematics

If you want to understand math, you gather math-related knowledge to inspire developing the insight-capable conscious familiarity with the network of wisdom that supports mathematical truth. You can control making your math-related decisions but it’s the set patterns of math principles that determine the unbiased outcome. By generating the due diligence to learn this wisdom-inspiring knowledge you become enlightened about math’s unbendable principles and avoid suffering from an empty or miscued understanding.

Emotional Intelligence

If you want to understand life emotions, you gather life emotion-related knowledge to inspire developing the insightful conscious familiarity with the network of wisdom supporting life truth. You can control making your life-related decisions but it’s the set patterns of life principles that determine the unbiased outcome. By generating the due diligence to learn life wisdom-inspiring knowledge you become enlightened about life’s unbendable principles of transformation and avoid suffering from an empty or miscued understanding.

You’ll have no reason to reach for fig leaves to mask ignorance-inspired emotional shame.


The strain of wisdom supporting an imagined reality will do nothing to help in understanding the nature of a reality that’s not imagined.

Boogieman of the Unknown

From their youngest days, individuals get conditioned to subconsciously, out of ignorance, create imagined breaks of continuity in this reality’s unchangeable impermanent flow of change to preserve the imagined continual existence of things and objects. This seeds all their emotional problems. The individual will harbor a growing unexplained fear of the unknown (about impermanence)  that strain of wisdom will never help them understand.

It’s a bad thing when an attachment develops to the imagined permanence of the essence of things. The individual will cling to these misconceptions.

The human experience becomes an emotional rollercoaster ride triggered by feelings of loss, worry, misery, regret, envy and other emotional ties created from the ownership attachment to the imagined permanence of anything affecting their ego-managed imaginary concept of “I” and anything related to it.

This individual’s present moment life becomes an emotional living hell. As Jehovah forewarned Adam … it’s a spiritual death.

Adam and Eve’s Tree of Knowledge gifted wisdom came empty of any fundamental intrinsic history that’s needed to establish the intrinsic familiarity that’s possible when developing in the Tree of Life strain of wisdom that God insisted on.

Freewill Elects a Continual Reality

The clinging attachment coming from the imagined continuous reality characterizing the Tree of Knowledge strain of wisdom is the root of all human suffering. Being ignorant about the Tree of Life strain of wisdom causes this.

Later when Jehovah confronted Adam and Eve about their disobedience, they became inspired by their emotional shame they felt from their emptiness of understanding and they reached for fig leaves to hide that emotional shame.


Beware of blindly trusting gifted or borrowed packages of any strain of wisdom supporting anything promised (about anything between “Good and Evil”) that instead of providing an intrinsic familiarity with its network of wisdom, provides a testament of unexplained rules of conduct that must be observed to stay within a life-long proving period to hopefully be included in the promised end result that the strain of borrowed wisdom supports.

Look for and question any wormholes when ingesting the fruit of any sort of gifted unfamiliar wisdom. If not, plan on ego-fashioning your own fig leaf masks to cover your ignorance-inspired emotional shame. Don’t end up naively spending your life fatally fooled.

My poem sums it up well…


How time does not stand still,
We all will learn to say,
Understanding its true meaning,
Keeps most of us at bay.

Time’s the magic carpet,
That flies us through our day.
Understanding its true nature,
Is the game we all must play.

Father Time cannot stand still,
Without that rhythm and rhyme,
A cause would have no effect,
There’d be no passage of time.

Erratic bits of energy,
Give shape to all we know,
They never stand continuous,
Or things could never grow.

These patterns of creation,
Ground the principles of life-truth,
That determines the very outcome,
Of everything we do.

So when one builds a world inside,
Stagnant to laws of change,
They defy the laws of nature,
Clinging to reality rearranged.

When blind to the self-evident,
In what we touch and see,
We ride a gauntlet ambush,
Through emotional misery.

What we’re told should make us happy,
Deep inside sometimes we feel,
Empty to understanding,
The source of life’s appeal.

Over time they’ll give up asking,
‘Bout things on their life page,
That long-gagged curious child inside’s,
Just dying to engage.

They’ll live their life alone and scared,
Of the boogieman inside,
Who’s grown free in unchallenged uncertainty,
Since they were first alive.

Maybe he hides under the bed they make,
As their life-clock slowly unwinds,
Or’s ready to leap from their closet of secrets,
They stand too ashamed to confide.

Without the energy to air and plan,
For what lurks in their unknown,
Leaves them slave-curator and prisoner,
To their past and what they’ve come to know.

The ladder of compassion,
We all must find to climb,
While self-training our self-awareness,
Via self-knowledge manifesting inside.

Tree of Life wisdom follows,
As life-meaning is derived,
With a steadfast faith in understanding,
Life’s naked-change carpet ride.

For ‘til this time we’ll suffer,
From what’s misunderstood,
We might look to theology,
To do our soul some good.

A carrot of non-suffering,
Is wagged just out of reach,
In a stilled-time promised heaven,
Theology crafts to teach.

Enlightened about what’s now,
We’ll suffer in life no more,
The boogieman in life relationships,
Won’t again knock at our door.

In knowing Father Time’s ways,
Our suffering will fade,
In Mother Nature’s honor,
Our beds will be made.

The true heaven that blind faith believers,
God-tazed too ignorant to see,
Shines its light bright in their faces,
While they’re living … no middle man … and it’s free.

Like when Adam and Eve faced their god in Eden,
As His voice was laced with despair,
They reached for a handful of fig leaves,
To hide their shame from his stare.

Any shamed emptiness,
That lurks treed-up inside,
Grew from fig leaf wisdom,
Borrowed and elsewhere-derived.

Jehovah told Adam first thing,
While this world from creation still cooled,
Tree of Life wisdom only,
Or you’ve been fatally fooled.

DM 6-6-17: Abe Martin Lodge

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