Today’s Bible gives an account of a reality of ancient times. The same reality was 312 years old at the time of the Bible’s first edition.

Heavens Gates

Some find it possible to cognitively bring the passage of the transforming present moment to a screeching halt so they can sketch a mental picture of what they’re being told or what they’re reading about to be intellectually filed away for later honing. They’d best frame up the best conception they can if they’re going to run their life by its strain of wisdom in the obedient fashion necessary for entry into the God-promised afterlife eternal paradise free from suffering.

They’ll use its claimed wisdom to run their life while wagering their soul on its validity.

They form an intellectually metered and retained mental picture of its theological notion that’s rooted in how their imagination has pieced together their uniquely perceived understanding of what’s been described.

There’s no intrinsic tie-in or familiarity between what’s heard and what their human condition’s been through in its living human experience. It’s a strain of wisdom of abstract logistics tied to an ancient reality that the individual or for that matter no other reader of the Bible has ever had an experiential taste of.

It’s a life-guiding wisdom they carry around, reference and quote, taken from a book that’s first edition was back in the times of Rome and its authority is supported only by their blind faith in its relevance. It’s not a wisdom that’s felt from within that’s supported by a steadfast faith in its truth based on what they’ve sensually witnessed from their life experience.

Emotional Balance

It’s their challenge to figure out how to relate how they interpret the meaning of the written strain of borrowed wisdom to the strain of Life wisdom in a living reality that’s needed to create the emotional balance to best run their life. They must be able to convert and apply the intellectually borrowed logistics of abstract sandal-clad wisdom to the Life wisdom needed to find balance in the transforming sea of real-life emotional turmoil.

Is it possible to strike common cause/effect logistics between those of theology’s abstract strain of wisdom created when reading the holy books and that of the Life wisdom that makes sense of the emotional interface confronting mankind’s human experience?

Is it possible to page-over the mental picture of men and women set in the days of togas and sandals with that of their living descendants wearing business suits and dress shoes, conversing in a language of tweeted hashtag?


The sensed degree of fight-or-flight precedence consciously realized in the wake of surprise that’s realized with an awareness arising from an intellectually metered strain of theology-coded wisdom derived from the memorized and subjectively calculated abstract logistics of borrowed knowledge (ancient scriptures) is tendered on a different plateau of conscious immediacy than that from a conscious awareness realized from the sensually metered strain of intrinsically coded wisdom that’s derived and assimilated from the self-trained logistics of experientially gathering self-knowledge.

Intellectual Knowledge

The wisdom logistics supporting religious truth is conceptual and calculated while the wisdom logistics supporting Life truth are sensually textured and prove to be self-evident. Theology’s wisdom-deriving knowledge is found only in intellectual media.

The Garden of Eden Tree of Life wisdom-deriving knowledge that Christian theology’s god Jehovah mandated that Adam use at the very outset of the Genesis creation is only accessed through sensual media.

What was all that again?

Finger Held To Flame

Theology’s strain of wisdom tells you what hot feels like and how to react in its presence. The strain of Life wisdom holds a lit match under your finger for you to decide how to act.

Theology’s wisdom describes what afterlife hellfire and brimstone will be like and Life Wisdom makes you aware of your living emotional hell and its living cause.

Theology’s wisdom describes with words the emotional bliss of eternal afterlife paradise and Life wisdom helps you sensually understand the logistics of your emotions to reach emotional bliss on a pre-lingual scale while still living.

It’s important whether wisdom-deriving-knowledge is cerebrally tailored or sensually realized.


Knee Jerk Reaction

The knee-jerk impetus to self-protect is referenced from sensual memory and not from intellectually construed cognitive recall. After a red flag appears, the different cerebral interfaces have different perceptual textures. Self-preserving fight-or-flight call-to-action is prioritized and processed differently.

They ring awareness bells in different parts of the brain … worlds of awareness apart with present moment realities disconnected.

The intellectual and sensual pathways to an enlightened conscious awareness are quite different.

The theologian mindset most often fails to consciously associate cognitive understandings of intellectually sketched religious maxims with the real-life manifestation of their sensually recognized incarnation.


For most religious believers, there’s a surreal illusionary wall that stands fundamentally in the way, disallowing any recognized association that allows the true nature of a present moment sensual event to be perceived as such, unfiltered.

Emotions Notebook

A religious believer’s fundamentally faithful intellect-based prowess and subtle fear of their creator’s ever-watching eye won’t allow them to skip the tracks and take sensually tendered emotional inventory in search of the feel for any associated relevance.

Their worldview is no longer wired to notice and recognize the sensual signposts of anything not suited in the biblical attire they’ve intellectually sketched in their mental gallery picturing their Bible-spun imagery. If the credibility of the imagery’s threatened, they can just rewire its book/chapter/verse justification circuitry and re-sketch the imagery interface for an acceptable compromise in meaning.

Religious believers rely on their blind trust in the proclaimed wisdom written in the scriptures, which in most situations must be subjectively pieced together and relied on, in hope that the calculated decision will not anger their god. They must rationalize a way to synthesize their particularly fashioned book/chapter/verse understanding of the borrowed biblical knowledge to justify the spray of wisdom they use in making their behavioral choices.

Just listen to the Sunday morning TV evangelists’ scripture-linked-justifications they use to bring realness and fish for support for their differing biblically-fortified opinions of how their listeners should run their lives.


Meditating Full Lotus

It’s unlikely that an individual will form an association between their cognitively sketched intellectually metered mental image of a godly man in a robe sitting full lotus under of a white light with the actual sensual feeling of our source literally emanating in coming-and-going transforming fashion as life manifests inside 24/7/365 for their sensual observation.

Most believers can’t recognize the sensual presence of their theological projections when they are right in front of their face. The Holy Ghost breathes into reality the same present moment breath of life today as was breathed during the present moment times described in the Bible. The process of transformation that defines the present moment of 2,000+ years ago is the same one that defines the present moment of today.

The coming and going tingle of life as it manifests itself is the same. It has the same feeling inside an individual today as it did for Siddhartha and Jesus when they tapped into the very same theater of wisdom during their times of enlightenment.

Abstract Logistics

Believers in religious theology settle for the intellectually generated soundness of abstract logistics to secure their intellectual grasp on what defines reality instead of visiting life itself as it manifests to better understand the ways of this impermanent reality that determine the outcome of everything they do, affecting their state of emotional balance.

Most religious believers fail to make any connection or recognize any association between any religious maxims they’ve formed and the living embodiment of these maxims in their present moment sensual experience.

They’re blind to recognizing the Life wisdom relevance and significance of the real-time present moment occurrence of what’s really intended by the message of their mentally sketched religious flagships when faced by their living incarnation postured in their real-time sensual disguise.


Analog verses Digital

For the sake of uniting theology wisdom’s abstract logistics with Life wisdom’s impermanent logistics, it could be said that a religious believer’s view through their spiritual window of salvation is focused and intellectually trained in an analog (intellectual) wave pattern. They cannot be expected to know how to perceive the real thing when encountering its true sensual incarnation that occurs in a digital (impermanent) format.

Being conditioned in only one perception will not prepare an individual to distinguish knowledge presented in the other form of media… analog or digital … intellectual or sensual. Intellectual understanding doesn’t necessarily ensure experiential recognition/association.

Albert Einstein Question Authority

Trying to internalize the intellectually woven interdependence of unquestionable theological maxims creates an impenetrable belief system scar that heals over an individual’s conscious perception and suffocates the part of their inborn free will that normally allows the waking mind to smell, analyze and question the fresh air of each new and crisp present moment. The longevity of theology’s public gas-lighting ethos goes unchecked.

For the sake of common recognition, intellectually tendered age-old religious maxims have to somehow be parleyed into present moment real-time sensual understanding to be associated with their real life present moment manifestations.

It’s important to be able to learn to recognize and describe these intellectually understood and stored religious maxims developed throughout a lifetime of hearing them as described in the world of religious theology interface, with the words and phrases that give tangible meaning to sensual dialogue when describing and understanding the emotional state of the human condition in the everyday human experience.

Borowed Truth

The truth a religious believer borrows from theology’s world comes intellectually coded. It’s secured only by their trusting faith that’s blind to the validity and truth of its suggested hearsay. The self-evident truth of the living world is revealed intrinsically scripted, sensually coded and secured by a faith that’s steadfast in what’s been sensually witnessed.

Emotions Are Where Mind and Body Meet

The intellectual personification and sensual manifestation of anything an individual perceives in the present moment will not share a common understanding if they’ve not developed an intrinsic familiarity.

This is the common ground where mind and body actually meet in harmonic awareness and where an enlightened understanding is seeded.


As an individual’s life progresses, they develop their own spiritual window to view the attributes of the various religious claims they might form an intellectual understanding and acceptance of.

The theological “truth” of this borrowed religious claim rests on the conceptual biblical wisdom they decide to have blind faith in. Individuals of like-opinion gravitate to form congregations representing their favored collective fraternal opinion that in some way represent these theological conceptions.

Church Names

Their collective inner yearning can be sensed in the creative names used by the different groups to describe the thread of the theological fabric they feel will reveal the most direct route to pleasing their chosen god and finding his(?) promised afterlife emotional bliss.

Read them as you drive down the road.

None of these theological notions are what seed life into the human condition. The essence of the religious conception the individual might later use their innate freewill to internalize hasn’t yet been selected by the individual for it to play any part in their birth.

None of these theological conceptions come naturally or are born into. These religious visionary notions are internalized by an individual’s belief system that’s already been seeded with life. It’s something they later use their freewill to elect to do.

Religion's Like a New Hobby

Joining a religious group is like taking up a new hobby. It’s intellectualized and not understood from within.

Theological interpretations are molded by teachers, preachers, family, society and such. These theological designs are not experientially associated to anything tangible, so the personal shaping of these spiritual concepts lie subject to the individual’s unique and imaginative illusionary constructs.

Within the heartbeat expanse of the believer’s imagination is the only connection the religion’s network of wisdom has with the living process of transforming life itself.

These conceptual notions will take the form of human-shaped icons that believers worship, read and reread about and review on Sunday mornings. Then they leave their church and reenter a living world of unanswered uncertainty and incipient suffering.

Ten Commandment Ethics

With no wisdom applicable to today’s sensual reality for finding their true source of peace within, beyond behaving with Ten Commandment moral/ethical values, they have no religion-inspired clue as to how to understand, own and eliminate their ignorance that causes them to suffer their emotional negatives.

They fail to integrate the intellectual conditioning representing their conceptualized after-death joy and happiness or fire and brimstone with the real-time present moment sensually realized manifestations of the joy and happiness or the pain and suffering referenced by that borrowed knowledge.

Believers in religious theology are OK with striking mental soundness intellectually through memorizing and parroting the tracts of theology’s abstract logistics. They’re OK with piecing together a wisdom patchwork configuration interlinking random bits of biblical wisdom that are taken from unrelated biblical episode application to stand behind and to justify their opinion.

Sunday Morning Preachers

Don’t forget how the Sunday morning TV preachers string together a series of biblical book/chapter/verse combos to justify their opinions.

It’s the only source of wisdom their intellectual awareness can find to tap into. It’s a subjective means of relating the biblically derived ancient application of the old-time borrowed wisdom tracts to deal with today’s ongoing barrage of transforming life circumstances.

They settle for the intellectually generated soundness of abstract logistics to secure their intellectual grasp on a religious claim instead of experientially verifying that the claim’s purpose can demonstrate its truth while living and pulling its weight somewhere in the living flow of this impermanent reality.

Conjuring up the due diligence to get their feet wet and asking some questions helps instill a sensual familiarity that strengthens the growth of a fortifying steadfast faith alongside a growing wisdom-enriched understanding of the nature of this impermanent reality.


Biblical reality comes described to its readers through over two millennia of multi-translated human perception.

It comes conceptually on a sensually-sterile intellectual platform.

Sandal Clad Biblical Times

When entering this theological world in prayer, many believers change their normal speech habits and use the “thy” and “thou” referencing dialect of the King James translation where they’ve read about the sandal-clad times of the biblical world they’ve managed to piece together in a still-fixed cognitive picture.

They don’t consider that the English language hadn’t yet emerged back in the day.

This choice in wording dialect could be in hopes that miming the biblical sounding dialect of the borrowed source will buy them some sort of deeper familiarity with the deeper meaning of the words. Or maybe they reason that speaking to their god in his language will settle better with him when it comes to blessing what they want to be blessed or influencing the outcomes of what social event the want him to commandeer to their interests. They sometimes walk on egg shells to please their god.

Wall Between Understanding

This intellectual barrier actually sets a diversionary boundary that serves as a wall between them and reaching the deeper meaning of fixing the status-quo that their human condition longs to better understand.

The more modern English language has many newer more descriptive words. It reaches deep into the human emotional abyss and coaxes to the surface a richer meaning to deepen the understanding of mankind’s collective conscious awareness.

Jesus spoke the language Aramaic which is known as a language of few words. The descriptive focus of his spoken words was perceived and recorded by an original author in one language to later be subjectively interpreted and replaced with words of another language by another translator to use to best describe what they thought he meant … time and time again … further diffusing and distancing the intended meaning of the original spoken message.

Real life just doesn’t happen in the biblical sense.

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